Lanificio Zignone

A new generation of elegance

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The artistic collaborations of Lanificio Zignone

Lanificio Zignone communicates its corporate identity in an unconventional way, through original projects and partnerships with artists and professionals from diverse fields. This philosophy has inspired the concept #FEELZIGNONE, created in collaboration with the photographer Stefano Ceretti.#FEELZIGNONE recounts the production process, entirely Italian, and the Company’s international presence through evocative and emotional images by Ceretti, implemented on Instagram. A concept in continuous evolution that documents the contemporary metropolis and the Company life, also in its less-known aspects: such as the working environment in the various departments within the company or the sales representative who travel around the world with Zignone fabrics.Real and dynamic reportages come to life, illustrating dialogues with clients; running in taxis towards airports; luggage full of fabric swatches dragged on pavements, or fast, dynamic movements within client’s buildings.
Some images captured for #FEELZIGNONE have become a limited edition memento, continuing to surprise Zignone customers and followers.