For Lanificio Zignone, “Made in Italy” excellence is of inestimable value.

A priority which has led the company to make important investments, even during the most difficult times for the textile industry, to defend the “real” Italian production.
The production cycle, entirely made in Biella, is a distinctive sign of Lanificio Zignone, and is world-renowned. A winning choice appreciated by British and American brands, Italian designers, French Haute Couture and large international distributors.
The direct coordination of the production process, starting with the choice of raw materials to the finishing, is combined with an aptitude towards experiments, the evolution of new markets and the transformation in tastes and customs.

The combination of these elements has defined the company’s identity, characterised by high quality products, where fine traditional fabrics are combined with innovative finishes and high performance materials becoming a contemporary classic.
Every collection is created in a very refined style inspired by current trends and a solid past.
The mill also distinguishes itself for its sustainable production process, which has led to a significant reduction of its impact on the environment by using water and energy sources and with the creation of ZONE, the first collection using certified organic wool - GOTS.

Our company’s history is tied to the Zignone family, who since the early 1900s is an integral part of the traditional textile industry in Biella.

Gilio Zignone inherited from his father the family business in Trivero, and later moved to Biella, where he opened an important wholesale business, selling fabrics with an international distribution. Thanks to his profound knowledge of fabrics and to the exhortation of various clients, in the 1960’s he began a production mill with the name Lanificio Mucrone. In 1968 the company was moved to Strona and later became Lanificio Zignone.
After twenty years in management by the founder Gilio Zignone, his daughter Luisella - Chairperson - together with her brother-in-law Giuseppe Patti - CEO - have strengthened the expansion of the Lanificio.

Their determination and their business strategy have merged with the entrepreneurship qualities of the third generation.
Luca Patti - Responsible for production and purchasing of raw materials - and Matteo Patti - Product strategy and sales - have given a huge push towards a path led by the board of directors, towards internationalisation, which has always made the difference from other realities in the same sector.
This is how the Lanificio Zignone has built its great credibility as a family run company, with continuous progress over time and the acquisition of new distribution channels.

  1. Lanifcio Mucrone di Gilio Zignone was founded

    The history of Lanificio Zignone began in the 60s when Gilio Zignone passes from textile merchant, to an important wholesaler and finally to a producer of flannels for its customers.
    In 1964 he founded the Lanificio Mucrone

  2. Lanificio Zignone was founded

  3. The company acquired Filatura Spaider

  4. Construction works begin at the new establishment of Filatura Spaider

  5. The finishing establishment was acquired

  6. Today Lanificio Zignone produces 2.5 million metres of fabrics and exports to 46 different nations

Luca and Matteo Patti represent the third generation of Lanificio Zignone.
Their goal for Lanificio Zignone’s evolution is to maintain a strong bond with their past, yet making it more contemporary.

This was made possible by investing in young professionals in key areas within the company, improving product standards by maximizing supervision, computerizing processes and developing new products.
The constant investment in technology, personal contact with clients and the market, allows the company to be competitive in a constant demanding sector, where a timely and purposeful service makes the difference.
As well as rewarding, what consolidates and strengthens the company’s presence and visibility in emerging markets is the design research.

Being creative means being able to grasp various purchasing modalities and interpreting new fashion trends, highlighting the know-how and the typical Italian style. Thanks to this new generation of entrepreneurs, the strong sensibility towards sustainability with the prospect of reducing energy consumption and improvement of social and environmental qualities.
Excellence and ethics have to co-exist in perfect harmony.