In the heartland of Italian wool excellence, Zignone weaves together tradition and creativity to create fabrics of contemporary elegance.

For more than half a century the collections from our wool mill have stood out for their in-depth research, which includes inventive solutions that have been developed thanks to our total control of the production chain. Time-honoured skills and performance unite in our weaves for a Made in Italy that embodies a new vision of beauty, comfort and respect for the environment.

Zignone has been committed to fabrics with passion, constant initiative and hard work for three generations. Behind the doors of our mill are born fabrics destined for the best Italian and international garments that are designed for the most discerning clients in terms of style and fit. The wool mill oversees each production phase in the pre-Alpine valleys of Biella, a landscape that has been deeply committed to the textile culture for centuries. Here, where the wool tradition is a global benchmark and where know-how is widespread, our group of workers stands out for their experience, speed and precision. Thanks to our workers and our designers, the personality of our mill is expressed in the never-ending creative and productive development as well as in the attention to future trends. Tradition and innovation are the warp and weft of our work from the get-go.

A story originating at the start of the 20th century.

The Z of our brand is that of Gilio Zignone. Both a merchant and renowned fabric expert, Gilio went on to become a producer at the behest of his clients. In 1968, the business moved to Strona in the Valle di Mosso and Lanificio Zignone was born. The company quickly consolidated, investing in industrial development and commercial expansion under the guidance of his daughter Luisella Zignone, now president, and her brother-in-law Giuseppe Patti. The international component, marked by a strong initiative, now continues with the third generation represented by Luca Patti and Matteo Patti. In its fiftieth year, the wool mill saw the production of over 2.5 million metres of fabric and exported to 46 countries.

  1. The origins: the enterprise of Gilio Zignone

    From fabric merchant to major wholesaler and flannel producer. The extensive experience of Gilio Zignone gives life to Lanificio Mucrone.

  2. The start of Lanificio Zignone

    The move to the present facilities in Strona in 1968 formally marks the birth of the wool mill named after its founder.

  3. The purchase of Filatura Spaider

    Lanificio Zignone begins consolidating its business in the local area.

  4. A new spinning mill

    The production activities are further developed with a renovated plant for Spaider.

  5. The supply chain is complete

    Investments in production continue. Lanificio Zignone takes on the finishing phase in order to control the entire production process.

  6. Today

    The wool mill produces 2.5 million metres of fabric and exports to 46 countries.

Luca and Matteo Patti: the evolution of the industry

Zignone’s international approach, one that is full of energy, is expressed in the direction pursued today by brothers Luca and Matteo Patti, who have taken on the entrepreneurial and production activities. In recent years the wool mill has increased its commitment to R&D and invested significant resources in technology, unveiling to the market new fabrics and special treatments with results that have been appreciated by many clients. Thanks to this effort, production has long followed the highest standards for quality control and care of the environment – a sincere priority here in Strona.

Zignone creates fabrics for gentlemen who love to travel, live noteworthy experiences and understand their own time.

We, too, are open-minded about the best of tomorrow. More and more, the activity of Zignone stands out for its productive dynamism. Our laboratory has strengthened its commitment to Research & Development, investing in technology and gradually introducing special products that have been well received by our industry. Day after day on the looms of the mill the concept of elegant, refined clothing, one that does not seek to renounce pleasure for its wearers, takes shape. This contemporary vision has ensured Zignone a permanent place among its partners that are made up of major European, American and Asian fashion brands.