When we live each instant to the fullest, everything seems more vivid, amplified, intense - and we wish they would never end.


Our best times are flashes of life meant to leave a mark forever in our past, and they keep living in the stories we tell our friends. Going through the pictures of our celebrations, we look good: we are smiling, we are excited, and we are well-dressed.

Zignone Event
You already feel it in the air.
Euphoria is breathable.
The music lets you in,
and you walk through dazzling gazes.

The new Zignone Event bunch is designed to drape free spirits. High quality materials, maximum comfort to live our best, unbridled moments with euphoria and grace. The thin, vanishing lines on the weaves fleetingly please the eye. Patterns glimmer and fade, revealing the beauty that hides in the shades. The new fabrics designed by Zignone invite us to reach for the sublime, as it is reflected by the launch campaign in shops and on social media: a captivating, dazzling narrative made of flashbacks from an everlasting night.