Lanificio Zignone

A new generation of elegance

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Lanificio Zignone. The Contemporary Classic.

Lanificio Zignone is the contemporary classic: a revisitation of the past through new styles and experimentation. The A/W 2016 collection expresses the different aspects of this production identity and does so with an innovation in the textile industry, fabrics with embroidered details designed for jackets. An evolution of the jacquard, making the finished garment more exclusive by including sophisticated details that recall craftsmanship. The research continues also within the high-end fabrics or the Zignone Collection, with an upgrade of the suit, which becomes more structured and dynamic. The jacquard and geometric effect, the textured background, structures that combine carded with combed yarns, can be seen throughout the whole Zignone collection used for light weight fabrics used in suits, as well as heavier weights used for jackets. The very fine wool, Super 130s on a sablè base, gives life to fabric with a tangible feel, with a contrasting and dotted effect, something unusual in micro-patterned tailored suits. The same yarns used for making suits are woven in the classical jackets: Prince of Wales, houndstooth, herringbone, grisaille fabrics are updated to this season’s shades. Great attention is given to the colours in fabrics using mouliné yarns, which allow the creation of multiple coloured backgrounds and recalls the Cheviot, typical of the English country wear, however with a more subtle weight in line with the demands of the current market.

For the tailored suit collection, small jacquard designs have been proposed, achieved with comfort finishing: details that can be detected by observing the fabric closely, which gives that little extra that makes the difference. The A/W 2016 collection is more daring with colour, introducing tones that range from deep purple and very intense bottle and military green; grey is accompanied by burgundy, cognac, lavender and yellow. Blue remains and continues to be extremely fashionable with inserts of other tones.


Soul is the brand by Lanificio Zignone characterised by experimentation and creative alchemy.
Their proposals for jackets, protagonists in the collection, distinguish themselves for the innovative embroidered inserts, for the jacquard textures and tri-dimensional effects.

Soul by Zignone, Lanificio Zignone
The Lanificio Zignone is the first textile company for men that introduced embroidery on bolts of fabric. This is a unique process, with geometric and floral themes in relief, contrasting light and dark tones or in different shades, created by the design department, offering inspirational ideas to designers. A very important part of the collection is also the over-dyed fabrics for jackets, with dyes on a carded base, giving a more worn out colour.
And last year’s success, the new Blazer, is being introduced with a ‘black watch’ design, in its evolution, which involves not only the colour movement, but also the structure, creating a crisper feel. What completes this year’s proposal, are fabrics with yarns woven in Donegal tweeds with a modern twist, very versatile in their application (suits, jackets, trousers) and a double effect that allows flexibility when sewing.
Furthermore, Soul has developed a finish, which denotes a sandy feel to the finished garment and makes it non-crease and waterproof (to protect from stains), ideal for the person who is after an impeccable look and in line with the latest fashion trends.
  • Water repellent

  • Special techniques

  • Washable

  • Ideal for formal suits


Active is the dynamic and anti-conformist line.
In Active, the classical lines meet the elasticated yarns to give rise to a noble and high performance fabric.

Active by Zignone, Lanificio Zignone
Lanificio Zignone has created this contamination by using threads of a higher range (Super 110s - Super 120s), rather than the standard ones proposed by the industry.
This creates woollen fabrics designed for a more elegant suit, created for greater portability, without changing the essence. Like the fabric used for the blazer, a summer success, recreated with a heavier winter thread, focusing on the three-dimensionality and today’s aesthetics; or the Prince of Wales, the grisaille fabrics, the pinstripe with a twist effect which are among the proposals to compose a refined look allowing freedom of movement. The same production philosophy has led Lanificio Zignone to develop a flannel for suits and trousers, which guarantees lightness and perfect shape recovery; and a shaved wool gabardine made with Super 110s, an expression of contemporary chic.
The production cycle, entirely structured within the company, guarantees the creation of an elasticated fabric entirely “Made in Italy”.
  • Water repellent

  • Ideal for informal trousers & jacket

  • Bi-natural stretch

  • Easy care


E-Motion is elegant looks together with effortless glamor.

E-Motion by Zignone, Lanificio Zignone
It is a line made of pure wool allowing maximum comfort and perfect flexibility thanks to a particular finish, purposely created to meet the changing needs of the consumer and the manufacturer.
E -Motion is a collection for suits and trousers, in which, this year, the colours have a more major role than in the past. The base and pure wool appears more colourful and with a shimmer effect.
An absolute innovation for this line is the over-dyed wool fabric for trousers and a light, soft, warm flannel ideal for the dynamic life of businessmen, this winter.
  • Water repellent

  • Bi-natural stretch

  • Certified organic

  • Easy care


Eco Wash: pure wool, pure innovation.

Eco Wash by Zignone, Lanificio Zignone
It is the trademark of an exclusive fabric, which is patented, revolutionary, developed by a state-of-the-art technology. In pure merino wool, it combines the greatest quality of the textile to the many advantages associated to the maintenance of the finished product. Eco Wash can be washed repeatedly in water, by hand and by washing machine, without any particular precaution, with no worry that the physical characteristics and the solidity of the colours of the product might change. Eco Wash offers fabrics in basic tones, dyed fabrics, or mélange coloured fabrics, in different weights for the realisation of extremely comfortable trousers, not only while washing, but also during ironing.
  • Water repellent

  • Texture & materials

  • Not use

  • Ideal for formal suits