Lanificio Zignone

A new generation of elegance

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To ensure maximum transparency, Lanificio Zignone has introduced the Green Trace symbol. The symbol guarantees full traceability. Products marked Green Trace provide the complete history of individual fabrics in the form of a mapping of the supply chain to allow clients total control over sustainability. The Green Trace symbol acts, in other words, as an Origin Chain register, which traces in detail the journey of purchased fabrics: their provenance, the various actors, when each production phase is performed, and the eventual identification of specific production lots.

Our Fabrics

Beauty for evolving lifestyles.

Zignone presents an absolute novelty.
WearEver is the Easy Care line in pure wool which offers the highest level of natural flexibility, thanks to a special treatment on yarns and fabrics developed by the wool mill.

Contemporary fit, technical innovation and a commitment to the environment.

Zignone stands out on performance thanks to its nimble production, the result of ownership’s dedication and skill. The record-setting features of our fabrics, with special treatments that increase the comfort and durability of garments, include the first machine-washable line and the world’s first GOTS-certified organic collection.