One step ahead, one closer. The ideal reaction with the exact timing. We follow our instinct, we take the next move. Everyday, our pace is a matter of speed and reflection, sharpness and patience. This is what contemporary wear is made of.

In the hectic duel of today’s life, opposites intertwine in the ultimate weave — tension resolves in harmony. Zignone Active introduces a superior collection of High Performance products that blend versatility and elegance, comfort and distinction: wool fabrics welcome elastic fiber, for enhanced flexibility and long-lasting shapes.

Zignone Active
The perfect pairing, a bold choice
— it’s always a match. Zignone provides
Active fabrics for reactive times.

Every movement is now free, enveloped with kindness, easing our way through our dazzling schedules. Suits simply suit us, garments drape sweetly — an attack on routine.

Materic hues let the light flow gently, textures breathe with levity. Colors are solid, pure, timeless. Wears speak the language of subdued tones, recalling the touch of natural elements. A balance of nuances, for a rush of life.